English Exchange from 4 October to 10 October 2018

I took part in the exchange with Redborne Upper School in England this year. After they had been here in July, it was our turn to visit them now. On 4th October we started off from Günzburg and flew to London with easyjet. Our exchange partners and their families welcomed us when we arrived at their school in the evening. On the next day we visited Redborne Upper School which was a really interesting experience because it is quite different from our school. For example, it consists of several different buildings and the school grounds are really large. On Saturday we went to Camden Town, London, with some of the other exchange partners. It was diverse and one of my favourite places we visited. Everything was so colourful and typically English. After Camden we went to the Tate Modern Art Gallery by underground. On Sunday I went to Hampton Court Palace with my exchange partner and her family. It was a beautiful palace and I think that it is a very important sight. I also learned a lot about King Henry VIII and old English history. On Monday we went to London. There we had a guided walking tour. We saw a lot of sights like Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and Oxford Street where we had time for shopping. After shopping we visited Madame Tussauds where we took a lot of pictures. On the next day we went with the whole group to Cambridge, which is famous for its colleges. We visited Trinity College and the guide told us some very interesting facts and funny stories about the students and we saw some interesting places. For example, we saw a clock which looked like an insect. On the last day, the 10th October, we said goodbye to our English exchange family and it was really emotional. After saying goodbye we went to the Warner Bros Studios and saw the making of Harry Potter. I liked it very much because Harry Potter is one of my favourite movies. Then we went to the airport and flew back to Germany.

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